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Prometric Testing Center


C.F.I. is a NGO established in 2004. Centrul de Formare in Informatica has become official partner of Prometric in 2009, organizing various testing set-ups: EPSO, PMI, PRMIA, SWIFT.
Within all these years we have tried to improve ourselfs continuously in order to provide better solutions and opportunities to our customers.
Following this principle we are now proud to announce the agreement between CFI and PROMETRIC, a project intended to increase the support the CFI gives to its clients and to offer new opportunities for taking your carreer another step forward.

Pentru orice programare, candidatul trebuie sa se prezinte la centrul de testare, cu cel putin 30 de minute inainte de ora programata, in vederea intocmirii tuturor procedurilor obligatorii inainte de inceperea testului. De asemenea, candidatul trebuie sa prezinte actele solicitate de fiecare test sponsor, in sectiunea: "On the test day" - ID.
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